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Dr. Yap is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. He takes the time to understand my concerns and ask clarifying questions. I have never been kept in the waiting room long, yet somehow he always gives me the impression that he has all the time in the world and that I’m his only patient. Dr. Yap is a rare gem in this day and age!

I really appreciate his knowledge and willingness to take time with me.

5-Star Google Review by hfpsimon

Dr. Mascarenhas is an outstanding physician. You couldn’t be in more capable hands. My husband and I followed her to this group years ago and have always been blessed with the care she provides. She is also an angel of a person. CARING beyond eye care. She treats you as a whole person. Every area of your health.

5-Star Google Review by Regina S.

The doctor was friendly, courteous, and respectful of my time. The COVID safety protocols were top-notch. As a first-time patient (I’m new to Middletown), I was very impressed.

5-Star Google Review by Ed L.

I have been a patient for many years. Dr. Raji and her assistant is always professional and personable. They always meet my needs and show care and concern for my overall health.

5-Star Google Review by Shawn

Appreciate professional and efficient appointment with Dr. Luskind. Answers questions easily and clearly. Reliability and quality of service excellent.

5-Star Google Review by Joan N.

Everyone I dealt with at the Westbrook office and the Middlesex office were very cordial and helpful. There is an overall good selection of glasses to choose from. I have worked for an ophthalmologist, in the past, and was very pleased with my experience. How the optical department helped me choose the glasses that looked good on me and making sure they were fitted properly.

5-Star Google Review by Julia B.

Heidi Voight – CT Television news reporter

Miguel, personal trainer, sharing his PRK and LASIK experience with Dr. Peter Shriver. 

ENS Silva - USN
ENS Silva – United States Navy

I had LASIK with Dr. Shiver a couple of years ago. I had a great experience and have always highly recommended him when people have asked me about my experience.

Getting my vision corrected has made a tremendous difference in my life. Not only do I no longer have to wear glasses or contacts but it has changed my career path. After my LASIK I was accepted to US Navy flight school. I was commissioned shortly after as a Navy officer and have been in flight training for a little over a year. I successfully completed primary training in Corpus Christi TX and I am currently in advance helicopter training in Pensacola FL.

Having gotten the vision correction with Dr. Shiver has allowed me to take advantage of opportunities I could not have thought possible. The entire team at Middlesex  Eye Physicians did a great job when I was there. They helped me greatly through the entire process and after when I needed additional paperwork required to fly. I want to thank Dr. Shriver and his entire team for everything they did.

ENS Silva – United States Navy

Tony Esposito Testimonial Card
Tony Esposito (NHL Hall of Fame 1988)
Miriam Nagl - LPGA Golf Professional
Miriam Nagl – LPGA Golf Professional

Jonathan, Physical Therapist,  shares his LASIK experience at Middlesex Eye Physicians.

Listen to Kim’s experience at Middlesex Eye Physicians.

Card from Kim
Card from Kim about her Middlesex Eye experience.

I saw Dr. Shriver for LASIK. The whole process was easy and they did their best to reduce the anxiety I had along the way. I could not see three feet in front of me before the surgery, and now I’m 20/20. This is a great center, the staff was fantastic. Highly recommended.

Mike Mennone

Dear Dr. Shriver,

Robert D. Meya, M.D., M.Sc.

The vision-correcting LASIK surgery that you performed on me in August 2008 changed my life for the better far more than I could have anticipated before I underwent the procedure. I chose you and TLC Laser Eye Center primarily because of your reputation for quality. It was of utmost importance to me that TLC’s custom wavefront Lasik procedure was the first and only vision-correction procedure approved by the Air Force and Navy for pilots and pilot applicants and by NASA for astronauts and astronaut applicants. As my experience shows, your reputation is well deserved.

Prior to my surgery, my distance vision was so poor (minus 8 diopters – worse than 20/800) that I couldn’t see my wife’s or daughter’s face clearly without glasses or contacts. I had been profoundly near-sighted since age 10, so I never truly appreciated the burden imposed by my contacts and glasses. Beach and swimming trips were a hassle, and dust particles continually caused pain and discomfort any time the wind blew.

Although neither you nor your staff made any concrete guarantees regarding post-operative results, your Lasik surgery corrected my vision to 20/20. I now enjoy the freedom and quality of life I had never imagined was possible before the surgery. No more fumbling for the glasses to find my way to the restroom in the middle of the night; no more worrying about losing a contact while kayaking; no more hiking trips or tennis matches interrupted by contact lens difficulties.

I would also like to compliment the quality of care provided by you and the staff at the Tampa TLC Laser Eye Center. I received top-notch preoperative care for six months before the surgery, and I continue to benefit from postoperative support for twelve months after the surgery.

Throughout the preoperative evaluation, I was repeatedly assured that my interests and objectives remained paramount and that surgery would proceed only if I were a suitable candidate. Your staff made repeated, meticulous measurements of my eye geometry and corneal thickness to assess appropriateness for surgery, and their caution and thoroughness paid off in superior results.

Thanks to you and the staff at the Tampa TLC Laser Eye Center for a truly life-changing gift!

Robert D. Meya, M.D., M.Sc.
Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine
and the American Board of Pediatrics Staff Physician,
Bay Pines VA Medical Center, Bay Pines, Florida

Dear Dr. Shriver,

I would like to thank you for your diligence and efforts in correcting my vision through Lasik surgery.

After years of searching for my glasses to see the alarm clock in the morning and wearing contacts to see during the day, it is unbelievably wonderful to be able to see without those aids. The monovison that you recommended works fantastic. I can see to read perfectly which is very important as I am a teacher, and reading is part of my daily job. I can also see well for distance. I don’t even need visual enhancement for night driving. I am very happy with my new vision.

Thank you for being so available to me during the process. You were always so kind and willing to speak to me or see me immediately for any concerns. Fortunately, concerns were few, healing was quick, and I can see without my glasses or contacts! I’m a happy patient!

Betty Jo Jackson
Cromwell, Connecticut
Dr. Tammy Waters

I had worn glasses my entire life, always envious of those who could see their alarm clock in the morning. I thought about having LASIK but was hesitant to do it. As a physician, I’m keenly aware of potential complications. In 2008, my husband-to-be really wanted to “have his eyes done,” so I accompanied him to his appointment. I was impressed with Dr. Shriver’s confidence and bedside manner. So much so that I decided to take the plunge and have my eyes done! Dr. Shriver performed LASIK (custom IntraLase) on my eyes 6 years ago and I’m happy to see that I can see my alarm clock in the morning without fumbling for my glasses. I go running, to the beach, in the pool, read books… all without worrying about wearing my contacts/glasses. The only glasses I have now are my fancy, stylish sunglasses. My only regret is that I waited so long to have it done. I would highly recommend Dr. Shriver and his team.

Dr. Tammy Waters

After years of wearing glasses, always getting in my way and hiding my eyes, I decided it was time to see Dr. Shriver and see what he could do. I was a nervous wreck, but Dr. Shriver and his staff were understanding and helped me through my anxieties. I ended up getting PRK for both my eyes and I couldn’t be happier. His staff held my hand through the procedure and were so helpful afterward. Two years later, my eyes are still 15/20. No glasses, no issues. I no longer live in the area, but I will gladly travel to Middletown to see Dr. Shriver every year for my check-up. Thank you Dr. Shriver and team for a wonderful treatment, and giving me back my eyes.

Crystal G.

I have had a very positive experience with Middlesex Eye Physicians and Dr. Shriver in particular.  He performed my LASIK surgery and has always been very thorough and professional.  I was happy with my results and he was very accommodating post-surgery with follow-up visits and questions.

Kori T.

At 12 years old my worst fear came true, I needed glasses. So for 26 years, it was the same routine, wake up, put on my glasses so that I could put in my contacts. Dr Shriver changed all that! A quick, easy, in and out procedure was all it took. Being very active in sports I no longer have to worry about going into the water, or playing hockey in fear of losing my contacts.

Coach Johnston U.S. Olympics Coach

Coach Johnston U.S. Olympics Coach
Lyndon C. Johnston
Olympic Skater
Two Time Olympian (Calgary, Sarajevo)
World Pairs Silver Medalist
Canadian Junior Men’s Champion
Canadian Pairs Champion
 Coach Johnston U.S. Olympics Coach with his team in Sochi
Coach Johnston U.S. Olympics Coach with his team in Sochi

I wanted to be able to enjoy family activities, sports, swimming & other things without the hardship of glasses or contact lenses.

As a physician, I have researched the various options for years. My own research led me to have LASIK.

Numerous Colleagues have had vision correction procedures with Dr. Peter Shriver over the past 8 years. I know first hand the importance of the advanced fellowship training Dr. Shriver has and would not trust my eyes to anyone with less training and experience. I had my Lasik done with Dr. Shriver on October 6, 1997. My vision now is 20/20.

Dr. Kerry E. Chamberlain
Board Certified Hematologist – Oncologist
Suncoast Internal Medicine Consultants
Fellowship Trained

The results of LASIK are just short of miraculous. I am thrilled with the clarity and quality of my vision and awestruck by Dr. Peter Shriver’s superb skill as a refractive surgeon.

Dr. Nevin Phillips, Optometrist

I want to express my profound gratitude for your expertise in performing Lasik surgery on my eyes 3 months ago. I had worn glasses or contact lenses for the past 30 years, and I now have perfect 20/20 vision! As a cardiac surgeon, my eyes and my hands are my tools, and now thanks to you I can continue to perform heart surgery with great precision and excellence.

I would also like to thank both you and your entire staff for making my entire experience so pleasant and easy. Everyone involved in my case took the time to explain what to expect in detail, and to thoroughly answer all my questions. In addition, you all could not have been more accommodating in scheduling my visits around my busy operating schedule.

Once again, I thank you for giving me the gift of 20/20 vision. As a surgeon and patient, you have my utmost respect and gratitude.

Ira L. Seigman, M.D.
Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgical Associates

For the same reasons as most other people, I opted for LASIK surgery in late 1999. The question because were to have the procedure performed, and more importantly, what surgeon I would trust with my eyesight – for the rest of my life! Being a very analytical person, I researched the subject thoroughly and searched North America to find the doctor and Lasik center with the best combination of skill, experience, results, and price. Unfortunately, I allowed the ‘price’ factor to play a greater role in my decision than I should have. This was, after all, my vision for the rest of my life.

So in December 1999, I flew to western Canada for my long-awaited Lasik procedure. Even with the airfare and hotel cost added, the price of Lasik surgery in Canada (at the time) was considerably cheaper than in the U.S. I also felt reasonably comfortable with the quality of my pending surgery, primarily because the surgery center in Canada performed the Lasik procedure on huge numbers of patients. After all, a surgeon performing thousands of procedures per year is a good thing, right? Not necessarily.

While I am not qualified to judge the medical and technical quality of the surgery I received, I am certain that I was one of many dozens of people receiving the Lasik procedure on that same day – by that same doctor. Along with the distance from home, this made me feel like a number. So I returned to my home in Palm Harbor, FL and hoped for the best. To my dismay, serious complications arose! My corneal flaps were wrinkled, which could cause blurry vision and other problems for the rest of my life.

So the search was on – for a local ophthalmic specialist (an expert) to correct my new vision problem. It had to be in the Tampa area (to allow for quality follow-up) and it had to be the very best surgeon I could find (for obvious reasons). This time, the cost was no object. I had learned my lesson. The answer was Dr. Peter Shriver. Dr. Shiver was compassionate enough to fit me into his schedule on short notice, skilled and experienced enough to correct my vision problem, and nice enough to make me feel like I was a special patient with special needs – not just a number. What about the price? Even though the price was no object to me at this point, Dr. Shriver’s services were very reasonable.

I greatly appreciate the awesome care I received from Dr. Shriver. Even the Tampa Tribune thought your efforts were heroic enough to write a huge article on my situation (September 24, 2000). Thank you, Dr. Shriver, for taking such good care of me!

Brian Anderson
VP, Big Bang Products

I had worn glasses since I was in the second grade, and because my glasses were so thick, I was teased for years and felt embarrassed by how I looked. In the 10th grade, I got contact lenses, and I never thought anything could ever compare to the freedom I gained and the confidence I felt in my new vision. Well, I was wrong. Over 20 years later, I had LASIK on my eyes and I felt like I just shed my glasses again.

Thanks to Dr. Shriver, I attained 20/20 vision for the first time in 30 years. I had no idea what a life-changing event this would be for me. Not only do I save time every morning and night by not having to wrestle my contacts in and out of my eyes, but I feel so much safer at night just knowing that if there was an emergency, I would be ready to see and react. It is a benefit I had not expected. I could go on and on about the many ways I feel LASIK has benefited me. I have referred to every person I know who wears contact or glasses to Dr. Shriver. Not only is he delightful and highly skilled, but his staff is also fabulous. Their refreshing and caring personalities make the whole LASIK experience a deeply personal and enlightening process.

Debbie Trujillo

Since early childhood, I have been encumbered by severe near-sightedness. My limitation made sporting activities especially difficult. While contact lenses provided tremendous relief and an opportunity to pursue more active sports, I still held concerns for my safety. This proved especially true in my skydiving and scuba diving. Skydiving requires a lot of eye movement and concentration. Lasik surgery has improved my skydiving skills by removing the fear of losing a contact lens and experiencing the movement of contact lenses (as I rotated my eyes to shift focus). While under my canopy, I was able to improve my target accuracy by lifting my face shield to improve my depth perception and withstand the pressure of oncoming air. In essence, Lasik has improved my personal safety and the safety of my teammates.


I see 20/20 without glasses or contacts. I’m free of glasses after 22 years. LASIK was easier than I thought and the results are better than I expected. I wish other ailments could be cured so quickly, safely and effectively.

Jim Badman, M.D.
Bardmoor Family Care, Largo, FL

I couldn’t be happier. LASIK has improved my ability to participate in outdoor sports and enjoy activities with my wife and two daughters. Glasses were extremely inconvenient in both my professional and personal life. Dr. Shriver and his staff were excellent.

Matt Devane, M.D.
Cardiologist, Walnut Creek, CA

I have been wearing glasses or contact lenses since first or second grade. I have a very challenging prescription being astigmatic. I could not read anything more than a few inches from my eyes, let alone see while driving. I knew of LASIK but did not think I was a candidate early on. However, for an option, I asked Dr. Peter Shriver to evaluate me. He felt I could be treated with LASIK. Dr. Shriver performed LASIK and enhancement on me a few months later. My vision is virtually perfect. I don not have to worry about glasses or contacts. This is a total revolution for me. Seeing the clock when I wake up in the morning and not having to reach for my glasses. Dr. Peter Shriver is a professional. He has specialized training and state of the art equipment. I could not be more pleased with the way I was treated and the results obtained. I highly recommend Dr. Peter Shriver.

Thomas J. Carpenter, D.O.
Village Family Practice, Largo, FL

I am over five years without eyeglasses from a LASIK procedure by Dr. Shriver to correct my astigmatism in my eyes. I remember how remarkable the feeling was after coming off the laser focusing on the details in the ceiling tiles almost immediately after the procedure was done. I was even able to attend a meeting the next day. now, I enjoy life without my glasses falling on my nose when I’m doing office procedures. Snorkeling has never been clearer. Dr. Shriver comforted me when he told me the procedure would be painless with quick results and I was pleased to see how right he was! I am very happy with the results of my LASIK surgery by Dr. Shriver.

Dr. Andrew Gross
Gulf Shores Family and Senior Care Center, Largo, FL

I had been an eyeglass wearer since age 6 and was not able to wear contacts. After educating myself on the procedure, the next thing I did was to find a surgeon I was comfortable with, someone with the most experience, of course. But also someone I could talk to. That surgeon was Dr. Pete Shriver. I have not regretted my decision and now see 20/20 without my glasses.

Dr. Kelly Smith
Optometrist, SunCoast Eye Care Inc., Belleair, FL

I met Dr. Shriver a few years ago when was assigned to be one of my ophthalmology teachers during my residency. During that time, I had the opportunity to see Dr. Shriver perform numerous LASIK procedures, and was extremely impressed both by his skill and by the surgical outcomes he obtained for his patients.

I was unable to tolerate contact lenses, which left the only option of wearing thick glasses. I found these to be both heavy and bothersome, especially when I play outdoor sports. As I started my own medical practice, I often thought of the benefits of clear, normal vision without the aid of corrective lenses. Before long, I found myself ready to take action about correcting my myopia.

When the time came to choose the surgeon for my own LASIK, Dr. Shriver again came to mind. However, wanting to be very thorough with my decision, my wife helped me investigate other surgeons and LASIK centers as well. After our research, we found Dr. Shriver to be the most highly qualified, as well as the most often recommended by my colleagues for LASIK surgery.

I now have a very clear vision, without the burden of glasses or contact lenses, and take pleasure in referring my own patients to Dr. Peter Shriver when they ask whom I had chosen for my own surgery.

Dr. Jin Kim
Family Medical Center, Tampa, FL

Doctor Peter Shriver performed LASIK on my eyes about three years ago. My vision has improved tremendously. I am able to pursue sports and recreational activities without glasses for the first time since I was eight years old. The myopia and astigmatism that prevented me from wearing contact lenses is gone and I awake with excellent vision every morning. The sports that I enjoy without cumbersome glasses are snow skiing, scuba diving, golfing, fishing, boating, running, swimming, and biking in triathlons. Thank you, Doctor Shriver, for relieving me of wearing eyeglasses. I don’t have the pressure point irritation on the bridge of my nose anymore. I don’t have to search for my glasses or prescription sunglasses when I go in or out of the bright sunlight.

Dr. Robert Fedor
Family Physicians, Doctors Inn, Madeira Beach

When I first inquired about LASIK, I asked several physicians in the area who they would recommend, and Dr. Peter Shriver was mentioned every time. I spoke with several people who had the procedure done by Dr. Shriver and everyone was thrilled with their results. After meeting with Dr. Shriver during my initial consultation, I felt very comfortable with my decision and decided to proceed. My vision went from 20/150 to 20/15 overnight. It’s absolutely amazing how a 15-minute procedure can change your life. I highly recommend Dr. Shriver. Where Doctors refer to Doctors!

Dr. Tom Allison
Anesthesiologist, Oak Park Hospital, Spring Hill, FL

I’m an Eye Surgeon and I used to be nearsighted. When I decided to have LASIK, Dr. Peter Shriver was my obvious choice. Because he is a refractive and corneal surgeon with advanced fellowship training, he provided me with the peace of mind and safety assurances I needed.

Dr. Barbara Randall
Ophthalmologist, Walnut Creek, CA

I first started to consider the procedure at the bequest of my wife who was the primary researcher to get us in touch with Dr. Shriver. To that point (a little over a year ago now) I had moderate vision and was comfortable wearing contact lenses most days with good correction and ease with occasional days where I would just wear my glasses. Based on that, I looked at Lasik as unnecessary “cosmetic” surgery.

My wife, whose vision was MUCH worse – completely incapacitated without glasses/contacts – convinced me to at least go through the prep as it was free.

The one thing that tipped me over to decide to go ahead with the procedure was the overwhelming degree of detail that Dr. Shriver engaged us in every step of the way. EVERY test was repeated in duplicate, EVERY measurement was made using multiple techniques. EVERY detail was discussed with us. EVERY focus was on safety. Dr. Shriver was clear from the beginning that ONLY in cases where safety was (nearly) guaranteed, would he proceed to the next step.

That was it.

SO, now that I’ve got 20/15 vision bordering on 20/10 (I could see 2 of the 6 on the 20/10 line)….I’m thrilled with my decision.

Mike M.

I’m an Eye Doctor and I used to be nearsighted. When I decided to have refractive surgery, I chose LASIK with Dr. Peter Shriver. I knew first hand his results and skills. After years of being involved with vision correction options, I knew who to trust with my own eyes with!

Dr. Jeffery Blanchard
Optometrist, Tampa, FL

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