Contact Lenses

woman putting a contact lens in her eye

Today’s contact lenses offer a wide range of vision correction. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism, or wear bifocals, we will work with you to offer you a lens style to fit your needs.

Modern contact lenses are made of a soft hydrogel material or rigid plastic material; both options are designed to be compatible with the eye, allowing oxygen and tear exchange to flow to the cornea.

Soft contact lenses are usually categorized by a wearing schedule. Several options include:

  • Daily disposable
  • Frequent or planned replacement disposable
  • Continuous wear
  • Conventional daily wear
  • Flexible wear

Please Note: When you come in for your medical eye examination, please wear your contact lenses into the office and bring your boxes.  During your eye exam, the health of your eyes and contact lens (considered a medical device in your eye) will be evaluated.  If any changes are needed you will be referred to our licensed opticians.  If you are dilated at your medical exam, you will be asked to make an appointment to return when you are not dilated. Please call our optical department with any questions, they are happy to discuss with you. 860.347.8300.

Dilated Eye Exam

During your examination, the physician will determine the medical health status of your eye, and if necessary will write you an eyeglass prescription. Often there are questions about the eyeglass prescription being your contact lens prescription; the eyeglass prescription IS NOT a contact lens prescription.  During your complete exam, your eye health is checked along with the health of your corneas. 

If your physician feels there is a need to replace lenses due to:

  • Comfort in your contact lenses
  • Dryness with your contact lenses
  • Foreign body sensation with contact lenses
  • Contact lens material
  • A shift in your eyeglass prescription; poor vision
  • The fit of the contact lens
  • Irritation, sticky lenses, etc…

At your comprehensive eye examination, your contact lenses will be evaluated for care and wear time. If the evaluation determines you need to change the material of your contact lenses due to your eye health status or prescription change, you will be sent to our licensed optician in our optical department.  You will be given an eyeglass prescription at your exam with the physician, the exam DOES NOT give you an updated contact lens prescription. Contact lens examinations are performed with our licensed opticians.

Buying eyeglasses and getting a contact lens fitting is different.

Prescribed just like medicine, contact lenses are considered a medical device.  The eyeglass prescription received from your ophthalmologist does not constitute a contact lens prescription.  It takes a great deal of time for the licensed optician to evaluate your eyes for a contact lens prescription.  They obtain a corneal measurement, the material of the lens to correlate with your lifestyle, and mathematically calculate your contact lens Rx.  These measurements are called a contact lens fitting.  When you have already worn contact lenses in the past and your physician has recommended a re-fit; the optician will re-evaluate the contact lens material, wear of your lenses, and prescription. Both exams by the optician include a slit lamp exam to evaluate the placement of the lens of your cornea and the fit to your cornea.

Our priority at Middlesex Eye Physicians is your eye health; our goal is to help you understand. If you are interested in wearing contact lenses and have not yet had your eyes fitted, visit one of our Connecticut optical shop locations for your fitting! 

Please come visit or call optical staff member with questions.  We are happy to help!

Contact Lens Fittings

Middlesex Eye Physicians provides you with experienced contact lens fitters in our optical department. They are licensed opticians that have their NCLE to fit contact lenses.

After your visit with the physician, you will be referred to the optical department for an appointment for a contact lens fitting.

At the contact lens fitting, different lens materials will be tested on your eye. You will have special measurements that will compute the eyes curvature for the appropriate contact lens size.

The eyeglass prescription provided by your physician is not a contact lens prescription. This is only obtained by our licensed opticians in the optical department after measurements are taken.

Contact lens fittings are done by appointment and cannot be done while your eyes are dilated; which means you may have to return for a contact lens fitting.

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