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Optical ShopDo You Already Wear Contact Lenses?

PLEASE NOTE: When you come in for your medical eye examination, please wear your contact lenses into the office and bring your boxes and glasses.  During your eye exam, the health of your eyes and contact lens (considered a medical device in your eye) will be evaluated.  If any changes are needed you will be referred to our licensed opticians.  If you are dilated at your medical exam, you will be asked to make an appointment to return when you are not dilated. Please call our optical department with any questions, they are happy to discuss with you. 860.347.8300.

At this comprehensive eye examination, the contact lenses will be evaluated for the number of hours they are worn, how they are cleaned, and how they fit. The Middlesex Eye Physicians eye doctor will use a microscope called a slit lamp, which will allow a magnified view of how the contact lenses look when being worn. The doctor will evaluate the lens (considered a medical device) for proper movement on the eye and for debris. This will inform the physician if the contacts are a healthy form of vision correction for the patient's eyes. During the exam, it will be determined if any prescription changes are necessary by doing a refraction. If the examination finds any problem with the current contact lenses, the doctor may change the contact lens material and brand.

Are You New to Contact Lenses?

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Individuals who have never worn contact lenses and are interested in receiving a contact lens prescription will need a comprehensive eye exam to determine candidacy. The next step will be a contact lens fitting.

At the contact lens fitting, different lens materials will be tested on the eyes. Special measurements will be taken that will compute the eyes curvature for the appropriate contact lens size. The eyeglass prescription determined at the comprehensive exam will be used by our licensed optician as a baseline in determining the contact lens prescription. It is important to note that an eyeglass prescription is not a contact lens prescription. A contact lens prescription can only be obtained by our licensed opticians in the optical department. The Middlesex Eye Physicians opticians are nationally certified by the National Contact Lens Association and are the only professionals that can provide the contact lens prescription.

Contact Lens fittings are done by appointment and cannot be done while your eyes are dilated; which means you may have to return for a contact lens fitting. For more information, please click here to view the Optical Department page.