Optic NeuritisOptic neuritis is an inflammation of the optic nerve. Your optic nerve is responsible for carrying visual signals back to your brain for sight.

Patients typically are concerned with a sudden change in vision and occasionally a discomfort when moving their eyes. Optic neuritis may be a sign of multiple sclerosis or possible infection of the meninges (covering of your brain/spinal cord), so if you experience these symptoms, it is important you contact your Middlesex Eye Physicians ophthalmologist immediately.

Your ophthalmologist may perform tests in the office such as a visual field to see if there are visual disturbances related to optic nerve inflammation. You may be scheduled for an MRI of your orbits and head and/or blood tests for diagnosis.

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As with any sudden change in your vision, you must contact your Middlesex Eye Physicians ophthalmologist for evaluation.