LASIK: Dr. Shriver’s Passion

Eye Have It On Good Authority That Your Vision Can Be Expanded Through LASIK

Are you an eye-deal candidate for LASIK?

Blurry vision is the result of the cornea not being shaped in a manner that allows light to be focused on the retina. Our cornea is supposed to be a circular shape and if it isn’t, then glasses or contacts are needed in order to see clearly.

Are you someone who wakes up wondering where your glasses are or can’t see because you haven’t put in your contacts?

According to the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, as high as 99% of patients who have had LASIK surgery achieved 20/40 vision or better! Over 10 million Americans have had LASIK surgery since the 1990’s. Overall complications are extremely low (0.03%). For people 40-49 years old, LASIK can save up to $10,000 in the long run.

Woop woop, sign me up!

Whoa, first you need a screening appointment.  At this appointment you will have an eye exam, during which necessary images and measurements will be taken of your eyes using state of the art technology. The LASIK trained ophthalmologist will evaluate the health of your eyes, the thickness of your cornea and the corneal structure of your eye. This pre-surgery information will guide the re-shaping of the cornea during the procedure itself.

I don’t even like touching my eyes…will I freak out during LASIK?

Each patient is prescribed an oral sedative to be taken at the surgery center. The doctor will use eye drops to numb the eye, then a flap is made by a cool laser. While the patient focuses on a light, the cornea is shaped as needed: rounded, flattened, etc. The flap is then put back in place, with no stitches and serves as a natural bandage. The process is about 10 minutes per eye.

LASIK is permanent and can eliminate or reduce dependency on glasses or contacts. This procedure can even be done on patients over the age of 75. LASIK does not prevent cataracts.

A life without glasses/contacts is well worth it for many people.  Although not covered by insurance, FSA or HSA funds may be used to cover the cost. 

Written by Middlesex Eye Physicians, PE

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