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Skin TumorIt is very important to regularly evaluate facial skin for any abnormal growths. If you notice a new growth or an older growth is not going away it is important to have this checked by a medical professional. While most growths when evaluated are benign, there are times when the growth can be a form of skin cancer. Some growths look like moles while others may differ in color or size.

The skin around the eyes and eyelids are very sensitive and at Middlesex Eye Physicians we have specialists specially trained to treat skin growths and lesions in this area. If you have the typical skin growth (skin tumor) and it is found not to be cancerous, this may be removed in our minor surgical suite in our office. Other larger growths that are possible skin cancer may require treatment at our eye surgery center by our board-certified ophthalmologist.

Once removed, your growth will be sent for evaluation. When reviewed by our pathology specialists, the physician will determine the course of treatment, if any.

Only your Middlesex Eye Physicians ophthalmologist can biopsy and evaluate your skin tumor.