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The eye is supplied with blood and nutrients through arteries and veins in the eye. When blockages of these blood vessels occur, it is called an occlusion.

If the oxygen-carrying blood brought to your retina, by means of the artery, is occluded your retina cannot receive the much-needed supply to your cells in your retina. This process is painless, but you will experience a loss of vision.

Retinal Artery / Retinal Vein Occlusion

If the retinal vein taking blood away is occluded, your veins will leak or hemorrhage. This process is also painless and you may experience loss of vision.

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In both adult cases, some causes may be from a blood clot; either floating (embolism) or from the lining of the vessel itself (thrombosis).

A complete history will be obtained by your Middlesex Eye Physicians ophthalmologist to determine the diagnosis. Your medical history, including medications taken, will be discussed.

As with any sudden change in your vision, you must contact your Middlesex Eye Physicians ophthalmologist for evaluation.