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Middletown, CT Ptosis

Ptosis (drooping or sagging eyelids) is typically caused by weakness of a muscle in the eyelid, called the levator muscle or by problems with the nerve that sends the message to the levator muscle. Other reasons causing ptosis can be related to disease or injury.

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Patients with ptosis often complain they cannot fully see out of the eye due to the lid obstruction. Fatigue from trying to hold the lids open is another issue from ptosis.

Ptosis Testing in Connecticut

If you have a visual complaint due to the obstruction of your drooping eyelids, we will perform a series of testing. Some tests that we use to determine the severity of your ptosis are visual field and photos.

Fortunately, there is help for drooping lids. An eyelid surgery called blepharoplasty. Blepharo (referring to the eyelid) and plasty (referring to the surgery) is performed by our Middlesex Eye Physicians ophthalmologists at the surgery center. The excess tissue and fat may be removed from your lids; your levator muscle may be reinforced.