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Middlesex Eye Physicians knows the importance of each patient clearly understanding discussions they have with their physician or eye surgeon during an exam. But, there are times when we walk out of an exam room and want more information.

If you leave the eye surgeon or physicians office and would like more information regarding a topic, treatment, condition or disease, please visit our interactive Learning Center in our main waiting room. Here you will find brochures and printed information on a large variety of topics or you can utilize our touch screen computer to view a short clip on a topic. To view videos about eye conditions and diseases on our website, click here.

To learn more about a specific condition, symptom, or other topics, you can view EyeSmart: eye health information from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

EyeSmart Eye Health Information from the American Academy of Ophthalmology

It is very important to us that you are well informed - if there is any information your ophthalmologist or eye surgeon hasn't provided, please let us know! Contact us!