Glaucoma TreatmentSLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty) is a laser treatment used for glaucoma patients. Glaucoma is a sight threatening disease if left untreated. Some patients do well with prescribed glaucoma medication in reducing intraocular eye pressure while others need laser intervention. Our glaucoma doctors / ophthalmologists often utilize SLT to reduce or eliminate the need for glaucoma medications.

Due to the improper flow of (aqueous) fluid through the trabecular meshwork (where the fluid drains), the SLT is applied to this area creating a new direction for the aqueous to flow reducing the eye pressure.

SLT is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and takes a very short time for our glaucoma doctors / ophthalmologists to perform.

If you are a candidate for the selective laser trabeculoplasty, you will visit our surgical coordinator to schedule a treatment at Hartford Eye Surgery Center in Newington.

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Other Surgical Procedures:

If drops or SLT does not fully control your glaucoma, the doctors at Middlesex Eye Physicians can perform out-patient surgery to bring your glaucoma under control. The physicians at Middlesex Eye Physicians are leading glaucoma doctors, ophthalmologists and surgeons.

Glaucoma doctors / ophthalmologists at Middlesex Eye Physicians work directly with each patient to determine the best treatment option.