Entropian/EctropianEctropion (eye lid turning out)

Most patients are concerned with excessive tearing and occasional blurring of vision. The weak muscle is unable to maintain the seal when blinking causing the eye to lose its ability to keep tears on the surface.

Entropion (eye lid turning in)

Occasionally, patients will have the concern of a foreign body sensation, redness of the eye, or blurring of vision. When your eye lid is turned into the eye, you may experience the lower lid lashes rubbing into the eye causing this irritation.

With both conditions, you are susceptible to corneal drying, corneal abrasions, possible eye infections and diseases.

What are the treatment options?

Some may require drops and ointments while others may need a simple out patient procedure at our dedicated eye surgery center. Our Middlesex Eye Physicians ophthalmologists will evaluate your condition to determine treatment options.